Training & Resources


For young competitors:

TechLabs offers young students both classes and workshops to learn and develop skills with the various MakeX robotics platforms.  To learn more:

MakeX Robotics Labs learning:

After School Classes Link

Holiday and Summer Camps Link

MakeX BootCamps: Specific “bootcamp” workshop events to brush up and hone your skills

BootCamps and Workshop Link

For Educators:

If your institution would like to teach students the necessary skills to participate in MakeX program events, TechLabs can help.  MakeX Robotics is an effective STEAM learning platform compliant with most global educational mandates.  TechLabs offers multi-day instructor training programs that include technical and rules training, curriculum information and necessary materials that will enable you to successfully prepare student teams to be MakeX competition ready!  For more information please complete the contact TechLabs directly.

Other Programs:

Practice Locations (new for 2020):  TechLabs is expanding the number of locations around Switzerland where prospective competitors can practice and develop their skills related to MakeX competitions.  We will be updating this site with locations where students can come to practice in official competition arenas.

Demonstration Spaces:  Throughout the year, and leading up to the MakeX CH 2020 event, TechLabs will be hosting “Demo Days”; events where people of all ages can come to experience MakeX!  This site will be updated with dates and locations for such events, stay tuned!


Online resources and references about MakeX and Makeblock will be updated frequently on this site. Please check back for the latest updates!

Preparation and awareness of competition rules and guidelines are important when participating in MakeX events.  To prepare competitors, mentors and parents, download the current Technical Guidelines and Competition Guidelines for each MakeX program.  These documents provide important information regarding the competitions to allow for fun, fair and competitive games.  They should be well read and understood by all participants prior to competition day.  There are also other general guides that can be useful resources on this link.